Health and Safety

Fire Safety

The cottage is recently renovated and means of escape are in compliance with current building regulations. There are hard wired smoke alarms in the living areas and an interlinked heat detector in the kitchen.

A dry powder fire extinguisher is provided in the kitchen as well as a fire blanket by the hob.

Care should be taken with the wood burner. Please leave it with the doors closed.

In case of fire please leave the cottage, ensure everyone is safe and call 999.

Inform Roger or Debbie


The Grounds

While we would like all our guests to be able to enjoy the grounds around our home, we must make you aware that there is a large pond. Please on no account try to paddle or swim in it. The bottom is very muddy and the banks are very slippery. I know, I’ve been in and had a job to get out.

Please do not let your children near the pond unaccompanied.

If you have children who need to ‘let off steam’, we own two fields beyond the pond where they can run around and play football….preferably the one the sheep are not in!

Please follow the countryside code i.e. if you have to open a gate please close it again behind you.